Wakefield Polytunnel


The Wakefield Wild Things group are based at the polytunnel at Thornes Park. We launched our Wildflower Project in summer 2020 and have been growing a range of native wildflowers and pond plants from seed ever since.

Each year the plug plants are sold to local people and organisations – some have gone in private gardens and some have gone into the wider countryside to help increase wildflower meadows. Other plants have been planted on nature reserves by members of our Nature Force group.

If you would like to buy some wildflower plug plants (usually available in early spring) or get involved with the Wild Things group, then please contact Ella on 07426 716677.

Two women sowing seeds

Flowers grown from seed in peat free soil include poppy, marigold, corncockle, yellow rattle and cornflower.

Trays of seedlings in a polytunnel

The Wakefield members have worked really hard growing the wildflowers and helping to increase biodiversity across Yorkshire. All the plants will flower into beautiful colours and provide much needed food for butterflies and bees this summer.


Wakefield Project Officer

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01423 507227 (Harrogate Hub), 07426 716677 (Wakefield Hub)

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