Are you ready to embark on exciting outdoor adventures right in your local Wakefield district? Open Country is thrilled to introduce our newest initiative, the Wakefield Breakfree Pack! Designed to inspire and inform, this pack is your key to discovering accessible trails and green spaces in the area.

Breaking Barriers to Outdoor Exploration:

The Breakfree Pack is a comprehensive guide featuring 15 short trails across parks, nature reserves, and reservoirs in the Wakefield district. While initially developed with disabled individuals in mind, these trails offer something for everyone, including families with young children, seniors, and anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors at their own pace.

What’s Inside the Pack?

Each pack contains individual route cards providing detailed descriptions of the terrain, accessibility information, notable features such wildlife watching spots, and amenities like cafes and wheelchair facilities. Whether you’re seeking a scenic stroll, a leisurely picnic spot, or a birdwatching paradise, the Breakfree Pack has you covered.

Support and Dedication:

We are grateful for the support of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in bringing this project to life. The Wakefield Breakfree Pack is dedicated to the memory of Nicky Serlin, a passionate walker who cherished the beauty of nature.

Our Wakefield Weekend Outing member Shirley Wigglesworth helped audit sites for the new Breakfree Pack. As a local wheelchair user, she is excited to see other people get opportunities to enjoy their local green spaces: ‘’For a long time I have missed visits to our countryside, its woodlands and waterways but now with Open Country I feel confident that I can take advantage of these well checked routes to appreciate the trees, flowers and wildlife as spring approaches.’’

How to Get Your Pack:

The Breakfree Pack is available for free download on our website at  For those who prefer a printed copy, you can request one by emailing or calling 07426 716677.

Join the Adventure:

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a newcomer to outdoor exploration, the Wakefield Breakfree Pack invites you to discover the natural beauty of your local area. Join us in breaking down barriers to outdoor participation and embracing the joy of nature.

Share Your Experience:

We’d love to hear about your experiences using the Breakfree Pack! Share your photos, stories, and favourite trails with us on social media @OpencountryYorkshire using #Wakefield #OutThereTogether

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