2019, what a great year!

With lots of good fun, laughter and cheer

We set ourselves plenty of challenges to meet

With adventurous outdoor activities to complete


We cycled across Wales, in the wind and the rain

And some of our members jumped out of a plane!

We visited waterfalls from the Moors to the Dales

And helped to build more accessible trails


We walked, we cycled, we watched nature unfold

We visited outdoor sites new and old

We gave an award for improving access for all

And even added to our own trophy haul


What next after such a magnificent year?

2020 is set to move up a gear

Open Country turns 30, it’s a big celebration

Marking three decades of nature conservation


We hope you will join us in raising a glass

To our members and volunteers who are simply first class

So here’s to this year as we welcome a new decade

To Open Country and the successes we have made

Lizzie Hughes

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