Captain Tom was an inspiration to all during the darkest of times. A great example of someone who didn’t let their mobility get in their way of an adventure.

To mark what would have been his 101st birthday on 30 April, Captain Tom’s family are inviting people across the country to take part in the ‘Captain Tom 100 Challenge’ and support charities of their choice or the work of the Foundation set up in his name.

Everyone is invited to take on a challenge around the number 100 anytime and anywhere over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend. We’d love you to raise money for Open Country as well as having fun with your challenge. It’s so simple.

  • Think up your 100 challenge. It can be anything you like – from walking 100 metres to baking 100 cakes or writing 100 letters
  • Take on your 100 any time between Friday 30 April and Monday 3 May
  • Ask family and friends to sponsor you on our dedicated fundraising page
  • Share your 100 on social media using #CaptainTom100

Need inspiration? Here’s some ideas for your 100 challenge:

  • Baking 100 cupcakes
  • 100 keepy-uppies
  • Walking 100m backwards
  • Telling 100 jokes
  • 100 minutes of rowing
  • Writing a story with 100 words
  • Cycling 100 miles
  • Planting 100 seeds
  • Picking up 100 pieces of litter
  • Flipping 100 pancakes

Click here for even more ideas!

We’d love to see your 100 challenge! Don’t forget use the hashtag #CaptainTom100 and to tag us in any social media posts to help share the word and invite more donations.

Together we can ensure that ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’.

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