We have collated the results from our 2023 Annual survey. Here are some examples of our member and volunteer responses:
  • A total of 77.77% have been involved with Open Country for over 5 years. 
  • Respondents engage in a variety of services, showcasing the broad appeal of Open Country.
  • Over 75% have tried something new, spent more time outdoors, and learned about wildlife and nature.
  • 83% enjoy visiting the countryside with Open Country

Impact on Wellbeing: 

  • Over 80% strongly agree that Open Country provides fun and a sense of belonging. 
  • 70% or more agree that Open Country helps them make new friends, enjoy the countryside, and feel part of a team. 
  • 70% or more feel better about themselves after Open Country activities. 
  • 48% feel Open Country provides the opportunity to learn new skills. 

Impact on Health: 

  • 60% feel Open Country contributes to feeling fitter, spending more time outdoors, and feeling happier and more positive. 
  • 74.07% feel respected by Open Country. 
  • 80.77% feel a real sense of belonging. 
  • 44.44% would struggle to do any exercise if not for Open Country. 

Constructive Feedback: 

  • Many express a desire to go to new places and try unexplored activities. 
  • A request for more options for longer walks. 
  • A suggestion to introduce different types of adapted cycles.

The survey reflects a strong sense of community, positive impact on wellbeing, and a desire for more diverse and challenging activities. Members and Volunteers express satisfaction with the services provided by Open Country, and there is a clear indication of the organisation’s positive influence on members’ physical and mental wellbeing. The feedback provides valuable insights for future planning, emphasising the importance of varied activities, clear communication, and continuous efforts to enhance the overall experience for members and volunteers. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed – your feedback is very important to us!

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